FileTouch, LLC was founded to provide essential, digital, online information storage and management services for individuals, businesses and professionals. Having owned and managed both small and medium sized businesses, the FileTouch, LLC founders understand the challenges associated with implementing and maintaining a reliable IT environment, as well as the burdens of storing and managing vital information. 

The FileTouch, LLC Pledge:   To enrich our customer’s lives through the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that their personal, private and vital information is safe and secure, yet accessible to them at any time.

We have redundant storage servers, operating them in state-of-the-art facilities throughout the Southeast and Central regions, using the latest web applications. Our trademark service, the SecureSmart storage system, featuring the Online Safe Deposit Box, is an easy to use, online digital storage system which allows our members to store, manage and access their critical data 24-hours a day from virtually anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for the home or business user who wants to protect photos, documents, financial information and other important data to prevent loss due to system failure, fire, theft and natural disaster.

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All stored information is insured against loss or compromise.

Our SecureSmart™ storage system incorporates features that allow each member to customize their account to meet their particular needs. One key feature allows members to designate trustees who, in an emergency, can be granted temporary access to the member’s information to pay bills, make investment decisions and maintain the member’s estate. The member predetermines the circumstances in which the trustee will be granted access, and what information they will have access to.